~ Adam ~

The house that saved my life!

Before Riverina Recovery House (RRH) my life was spiraling out of control, with business , family, health and significant traumas, to the point that I was not happy when I was awake, however I didn’t want to be around.

My family and friends got together, reaching out to me to look at some options for help. But like most guys “I didn’t need help, it will all good in the morning “ those words where a cover for me to move on and talk about other peoples problems, but those words where not just hurting me, but my family friends and passed relationships.

This just made my addictions stronger (my addictions were not substance based) Reluctantly and with the support of family and friends I made the decision to head to Wagga Wagga. In the back of my mind I knew if I didn’t go I would not be around.

This move to RRH was the hardest and best steps in my life. The day I walked in I was greeted by smiling faces, people with empathy and I knew this could work for me. This house felt like a home.

After the initial tour of the house, I sat in the cane cocoon swing chairs, and chilled with nature. The feeling in the house was a place of calm where slowing down was a way of being. It had been so long since I had had this feeling.

My mornings started with anything from a bike ride, a visit to a local gym, shooting hoops or a walk along the river or a local walking track. This morning exercise routine was developed and adapted to meet my individual needs and interests taking into consideration my physical requirements.

Every day I was encouraged to attended classes about wellbeing, acknowledgment of my addictions and a holistic approach to regain my life.

The holistic program is about nurturing myself as a whole person and it gave me the skills to aide in my recovery.  These skills supported my recovery while I was in the house and guide me now that I am home.

All my adult life I have been running large dealerships or flying around Australia working in finance. The classes at RRH were adapted to what would work for me as well as opening me up to try things I have never done before. There is so much encouragement to just be you and keep talking!

The staff at RRH are some of the most incredible people I have ever met, from the owner of the house to the night staff. The passion they have to be there, at any time - day or night, for all house guests is unique.

They all have the one goal and that is to see each house guest lead and live a better life. There was no judgment from the day I walked in. I felt as though the staff have all walked the walk and know the pain the house guests are going through. This level of empathy and understanding made me feel connected to the staff.

There is a joy in my life now. A want to live for me and my beautiful girls.

RRH saved my life! To this day I hear from the staff as they check in with me and I know when some days are harder than others I can call them and know that they are there without judgment.

I miss my art therapy classes and the weekly massages.

I can not thank the staff and owner of Riverina Recovery House enough for what they have done for me.


Experience The Riverina Recovery House

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