Our Residential Recovery Program

Riverina Recovery House

Private And Comfortable Recovery

Our Residential Recovery Program is a private fee-paying alternative to public or institutional rehabilitation centres and hospitals. Our 8 week Residential Recovery program is ideal for people who have completed a detox or rehab program and who would like support integrating back into the community.  

Every program at Riverina Recovery House is customised to each individual. We provide personalised treatment and recovery plans, which are delivered in a supportive, caring and structured home-like environment.

Located in Wagga Wagga NSW, in the beautiful Riverina Region, we provide an escape for those living in the city or a calm respite for those who live in the region. Based in central Wagga Wagga we are close to cafes, shops, gyms and trail walks.  For more information on what there is to see and do in Wagga, see our Wagga Attraction Guide here.

Riverina Recovery House

Our Admission Process

We know that making steps for change can be a daunting task that requires courage and strength. Our team of caring staff strive to ensure the admission process is as smooth as possible and are here to support and answer any questions you may have.

  1. Initial Discussion - Call us to make the first step 
  2. Assessment - one of our friendly, professional staff will contact you to do a thorough assessment
  3. Admission Preparation- If we are able to meet your needs, we’ll advise what you need to bring/pack and can help organise travel arrangements
  4. Payment - Different payment options are available
  5. Check in - We can collect you from your arrival location. We will then help you settle into Riverina Recovery House
  6. Individual Treatment Plan - Our caring, professional team will develop an individual recovery treatment plan tailored to your needs
  7. Post Departure Care - Our care continues after your departure
Riverina Recovery House

Initial Assessment

All potential residents must be willing to undergo an initial comprehensive assessment to determine if they are suited to a recovery house environment.

We prioritise those who have already made some effort to seek treatment, particularly those who have completed or are completing rehabilitation programs and are wanting to practice sober living in a more domestic environment, but with structured support.

Program Inclusions

Our 8 week Residential Recovery Program includes:

  • Comfortable private bedroom with a queen size bed
  • A linen and towel laundry service
  • All meals with dinner prepared by a professional chef
  • Full use of onsite facilities; common areas, meeting rooms, recreational areas
  • 24/7 on site professional care
  • Guided supportive house meetings at least five times a week
  • One-on-one weekly counselling sessions with a qualified clinician
  • Cooking lessons with a qualified chef throughout the week
  • Cleaners for bathrooms and common areas
  • Psycho-education groups covering various topics including Relapse Prevention
  • Organised weekend excursions
  • Exit planning

Additional services can be arranged during your stay at extra cost, including:

  • Specialist medical services such as psychiatrists or specific medical specialists
  • Additional allied health practitioners – for example: external psychologists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, exercise physiologists etc.
  • Complementary therapists such as acupuncturists, osteopaths, chiropractors, yoga instructors etc.
  • Family inclusive therapy
  • Gyms and personal trainers
  • Extra-curricular activities such as art, music, photography, rock climbing, etc.

We offer several packages to enable you to access the exact combination of services and activities you need.

Riverina Recovery House
Riverina Recovery House

Inclusive Costs

The Riverina Recovery House is a privately run and private-fee paying recovery centre. Our recovery program will vary in cost based on the length of your stay and your recovery needs. 

Contact us for a personalised quote based on your recovery needs.

What's It Like Staying At Riverina Recovery House?

  • Every resident is assigned their own private bedroom, all with linen and towels provided. Residents share fully renovated, large communal living areas, group and meeting rooms,  a specially purposed kitchen and recreational areas.
  • Residents are provided with all meals, with dinner prepared by a qualified professional chef. Residents participate in meal preparation under the supervision and guidance of our chef, ensuring valuable self-care skills are developed. 
  • Riverina Recovery House is fully furnished and serviced by cleaners weekly, but residents are expected to maintain their bedrooms and common areas to an agreed common standard. 
  • All residents are also expected to comply with Riverina Recovery House’s Code of Conduct and support specific rules and guidelines designed to promote cooperation, respect and harmony within the household. We will run through the code of conduct as part of your admission preparation.
  • In your first few weeks in residence, your movements will be restricted and monitored, but you’ll earn more freedom later to come and go. When we think you’re ready, you’ll get to enjoy the freedom to explore the many opportunities that Wagga Wagga has to offer but always with the necessary support you need to stay on track.  
  • Nightly curfews always apply however, and this remains a key condition of your stay with us.
Riverina Recovery House
Riverina Recovery House


The key to successful recovery is an individual’s desire for recovery, that’s why at Riverina Recovery House we only accept residents who are:

  • 18 years of age and above
  • willing to commit to a minimum stay of at least four to eight weeks in the Recovery House;
  • have recently completed an approved detox program / intensive treatment program, or be willing to complete an approved detox program/intensive program before arrival, and/or are currently abstinent from drugs of dependence and alcohol for at least 7-14 days (you will need suitable documentation from a treating doctor if you have undergone an unsupervised detox);
  • willing to commit to an abstinent lifestyle;
  • willing to be an active participant in a shared house with other people similarly seeking a life in recovery;
  • motivated to take full responsibility for your sobriety, be willing to cooperate with other residents and Recovery House staff, and be open to guidance on how you might establish and maintain a healthier routine;
  • willing to participate in regular review meetings (minimum four days a week) to monitor progress and receive and share feedback with peers and Recovery House staff;
  • willing to abide by all Recovery House rules and guidelines at all times.

Couples are not eligible, nor are people under court orders to attend treatment, as participation has to be entirely voluntary.

If you believe you are ready and eligible to take your first step to recovery, call us or send us an enquiry today.


What Our Program Covers

For many people, ceasing regular use of drugs and alcohol is generally not the core issue requiring treatment. Many people can and do stop using for a period of time on their own if sufficiently motivated, or when supply of preferred substances ceases or is limited. What proves to be difficult is continued and sustained abstinence.

Most people use substances to avoid something or as an answer to a problem, so when they stop using substances, they are faced with exactly what they were trying to avoid in the first place. These can be unbearable thoughts, feelings, fears, anxieties, and/or even difficult situations they need to face.  Without guidance and support, unresolved issues can be overwhelming and distressing which can push you to return to substance use.

The Riverina Recovery House was established to address this very need for support and guidance at the early stages of recovery.  By bringing together expert, caring clinicians within the safety of a nurturing environment, we are able to optimise every valuable opportunity for our clients to identify and address their underlying issues. 

Our residents are assisted to establish a healthy, positive routine from the outset, so resilience and tolerance can be built and strengthened, increasing your chance of successful recovery.

We aim to help you build confidence so you can face difficulties, reconcile your behaviour with your goals, promote integration with yourself and build stronger and more authentic relationships and connections with others.


Riverina Recovery House
Riverina Recovery House

Learn New Skills And Practice Healthier Habits

At the Riverina Recovery House, you will:

  • work with clinicians and caseworkers to identify and address your underlying issues
  • attend regular case review meetings with your peers to help and inspire each other
  • build regular and healthier routines
  • learn skills to manage your life better
  • be encouraged to practice these new skills on a daily basis
  • learn to balance activity, rest and learning to honour your own personal boundaries and needs


Focus On Connection And Community

During your stay, you will be encouraged to identify and access a range of supports in the community, such as allied health or complementary health practitioners, fitness and skill building activities, and importantly you’ll be encouraged to take advantage of all the wonderful resources, sights and services available in the Riverina region.

We also expect residents to attend regular addiction support meetings (such as 12 step) or to access equivalent support. Our aim is for our residents to be personally responsible for their own recovery.

The longer you stay, the more you will be encouraged to build connections with others through contributing (in any way you can) to the local community.

Riverina Recovery House
Riverina Recovery House



Q: How long can I stay for?

A: Your length of stay  depends where you are at with your recovery and is determined upon admission. We recommend a minimum stay of 8 weeks taking into account whether you are currently completing or have recently completed treatment; the type of treatment you have completed or are completing, and what you hope to achieve.

A longer-term stay can also easily be negotiated and arranged should this be beneficial to your recovery. Usually though, you only need to commit to a minimum period (this will be determined during assessment) with extensions negotiated as required.

Q: What’s the Wagga Wagga region like?

A: Wagga is a lively regional town located just under a five hour drive from both Sydney and Melbourne (or an hour flight), and around three hours from Canberra. Wagga is part of the Riverina region and is located on the Murrumbidgee River. There is always something new to explore.  Discover plenty of restaurants and cafes, scenic walking tracks and an endless list of day trips and activities.  

Experience The Riverina Recovery House

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