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Help Your Family Members Understand Addiction

Family members are often affected when a loved one suffers from addiction. In the early stages of recovery, families try to assist but their efforts can be hampered by lack of experience or lack of insight into the process of recovery.

By the time a family reaches out for external help, they are usually exhausted, frustrated and unable to cope.  Our Family Program can help offer support to family members who are impacted by addiction.

Recovery is more sustainable for the loved one when their family members understand the nature of addiction and how family members can help or hinder the process of recovery. At Riverina Recovery House we can help provide support and education to family members to ensure they are able to:

  • Focus on solutions rather than on problems
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Stop enabling behaviors
  • Improve communication with one another
  • Help you care for yourself whilst supporting your loved one with love and respect                                

Setting healthy boundaries will give your loved one the best possible chance of getting the help they so desperately need. 

If you have considerable concerns about the behaviour of a loved one or you are frustrated by your inability to communicate constructively with your loved one about a recurring problem that needs addressing - then an intervention might be helpful. 

For more information about interventions, see: https://interventionsaustralia.com

If you have any questions or would like more information on our Family Program, please contact us. 

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