What Is An Intervention And Why Should You Have One?

An intervention is a carefully organised and structured process designed to bring people together to openly talk through an addicted person's denial.  The end goal is to get them to recognise their self-destructive behaviours and get them the help they need to turn their life around for the better.  An intervention should not be a space to blame and judge but to show compassion. 

The purpose of an intervention is for friends and family to confront the person struggling with an addiction such as gambling, depression, anxiety, trauma, smoking, sex, food addictions and substance addictions (drug and alcohol) and ultimately getting them the help and support they need by developing clear strategies and solutions that will work for all parties.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help my friend or loved one?

It can be really tough to watch your loved ones suffering from an addiction, and even harder to confront them and try and get them the help they need to better their lifestyle. An intervention is a great way to come together and talk about the issues and concerns you have in a safe environment.  It’s not easy and it does take time, but letting them know you care and you are there for them is a huge step in the right direction.

Do we need an ‘intervention’?

An intervention may be necessary if your friend or loved one’s life is negatively affected by their addiction. For example, experiencing financial, social, personal & professional difficulties as a result of their addictive behaviours. 

Is there a best time and place?

An intervention can take place anytime, anywhere. Ideally neutral ground, a safe and familiar place is alway best and at a time when all parties are available and focused.  We understand sobriety with an addict may be difficult, however by seeking professional help with an invention they will be able to guide you through the best time.

What are the steps?

The initial step would be to contact Interventions Australia and have an obligation free chat to find out more information.

How long does an intervention take?

An intervention process can range from 2 – 3 half days depending on the circumstances.

Who raises the point/brings up the intervention? What if I don’t feel confident doing it?

An intervention team will help and assist every step of the way.  An intervention specialist to support the client/your loved one and another intervention specialist to support you/family & friends.

What support does Riverina Recovery House provide?

Most of our guests have gone through the rehabilitation process and need that extra time to adjust to a new and healthy lifestyle.  This is where the Riverina Recovery Program comes in. Find out more about our program here.

For more information visit Interventions Australia.

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