Riverina Recovery House

About Riverina Recovery House

Riverina Recovery House

Our Residential Model


Riverina Recovery House is a private residential recovery retreat designed to help people recover from addictive behaviours such as gambling, depression, anxiety, trauma, smoking, sex, food addictions and substance addictions (drug and alcohol) in an inclusive, supportive and home-like setting.

We understand there are many elements that contribute to addiction and dependency and that’s why the Residential Recovery Program we provide is customised to each individual using an evidence-based treatment approach that provides emotional and medical support.

Riverina Recovery House is tucked away in the beautiful city of Wagga Wagga in the Riverina region of NSW. Our house provides a welcoming and warm environment with safe and comforting living spaces that extends outdoors to a relaxing verandah and backyard. Located in central Wagga, the house is close to cafes, shops, gyms and river walks.

At Riverina Recovery House, our residents live in a small group setting in a large, renovated home that has been designed with comfort in mind. Here, we provide our residents with the opportunity and tools to: 

  • receive structured, professional support from a diverse therapeutic team, who will help you define personal goals in recovery and develop and refine a customised plan you can implement each day;
  • practice sober living and learn to face day-to-day triggers without resorting to your old habits;
  • learn to develop and maintain new, healthier habits and routines;
  • learn to build healthy relationships with others by practising on a daily basis, how to receive and offer constructive feedback and support to your peers;
  • learn how to engage with your wider local community with positive and voluntary intention.

A Place To Call Home

Each resident is assigned their own private bedroom, all with linen and towels provided.  Residents share fully renovated, large communal living areas, group and meeting rooms and specially purposed kitchen, utility and recreational areas.

The Riverina Recovery House is fully furnished and serviced by cleaners weekly, but residents are expected to maintain their bedrooms and common areas to an agreed common standard.  Residents are provided with all meals, with dinner prepared by a qualified professional chef.  Residents will also be expected to participate in meal preparation under the supervision and guidance of our chef, ensuring valuable self-care skills are developed.  All residents are also expected to comply with and support specific rules and guidelines designed to promote cooperation, respect and harmony within the household.

In your first few weeks in residence, your movements will be restricted and monitored, but you’ll earn more freedom later to come and go.  When we think you’re ready, you’ll get to enjoy the freedom to explore the many opportunities that Wagga Wagga has to offer but always with the necessary support you need to stay on track.  Nightly curfews always apply however, and this remains a key condition of your stay with us.

Riverina Recovery House

Our Vision

We provide a structured and supportive residential environment that promotes:

  • self-responsibility
  • establishing and maintaining a healthy routine
  • commitment to recovery
  • the development of healthy and positive relationships

Our aim is to instil positive responses and healthier habits in our residents, that helps them build resilience and equips them to discover and connect with their own capacities for self-nurture and self-responsibility.

Riverina Recovery House

Our Mission

Our mission at Riverina Recovery House is:

  • to provide the most supportive environment possible to build a commitment to recovery from substance use.
  • to provide the tools and structure for residents to practice healthy living without substance use.
  • to motivate and encourage our residents to live healthier, more productive lives.

Experience The Riverina Recovery House

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